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🗝 API Keys

The following documentation will help provide instructions for creating an API key on
OKX is available for trading tool integrations and exchange connections on the Compendium platform.

Getting Started

Go to to access the API dashboard on OKX.
To create API keys on OKX you are required to do it from your PC. This process will not work on a mobile device.

Creating API Keys

On select “Create V5 API Key.”
Your browser will redirect you to the following page below.
Here you are required to provide the following details:
  • API Name - A case-sensitive name for 3rd party applications to interact with.
  • Passphrase - A password that allows you to connect to the OKX API infrastructure.
  • IP Address - This step is optional for you. This allows you to whitelist an IP address to interact with this pair of API keys. This significantly improves your API security.
  • Permissions - When creating a pair of API keys you have THREE options to choose from. These options determine what function can be carried out by the pair of API keys. You can choose one or all of the following options:
    • Read
    • Withdraw
    • Trade (Necessary for utilization of Automated Trading Terminal Tools)
IP Address whitelisting may interfere with traditional Compendium Automation Terminal tools, as our IP address may rotate depending on server usage and load balancing.
Once you have provided the basic account information above you will be required to authorize your credentials.
After you have authorized your credentials, click confirm and you will receive a display similar to this below:
An Example of furnished API Keys created on
Click “Confirm” and you have successfully created a pair of API Keys on OKX.
Remember API rules and tips:
  • You can create up to 50 API keys.
  • For higher security, link IP addresses to your API keys and don’t share your API keys with anyone. Be aware that your API key can be exposed by using it on third-party platforms.
  • You can link up to 20 IP addresses to each API key. Use commas to separate them.
  • For even higher security, API keys without IP addresses are automatically deleted if you don’t use them for 30 days. You’ll need to create a new API key if the old one was deleted. API keys with IP addresses don’t expire at all.
Please remember OKX's API security rule highlighted above if you utilize trading strategies or tools that may not post trades within 30-day time frames. If an API key becomes invalid, then your trading bot or strategy may fail to post a trade.

Which type of API keys are right for me?

On OKX there are three different types of API Keys you can create depending on the way you want to use them.
  • Read - Fetching account balances.
  • Withdraw - Allowing a 3rd party to authorize withdrawals.
  • Trade - Allowing trading platforms like Compendium to authorize trades.
When connecting your API Keys to a platform, they will specify what type of API Keys are required.

Deleting API Keys

You can remove a pair of API Keys by visiting
On this dashboard, you will see all current API Keys.
Simply go to below the action category on the right-hand side and click “Delete” and “Confirm” this action.
This will remove the selected API Key from your OKX account.