Linking Leader Account

Documentation outlining how to link a connected exchange account for other users to copy within our Copy Trading Groups systems on Compendium.

Linking A Trading Account For Users To Copy Trade

Now that you have successfully created your Copy Trading Group it is now time to link the main account you want trades to duplicate from to your subscriber base. You will see the following component asking which currently connected exchange account you wish to allow users to copy trades from.

Please note that you must connect an exchange account to Compendium before it becomes accessible for the copy trading groups feature. The "Connected Account" dropdown will display all available (and applicable) exchange accounts that our platform can interact with.

Make sure this account has passed the health check procedures and is currently in good standing on both our platform and the exchange of origination. If you need to connect an exchange account via API's to the platform before continuing then please go to Connect An Exchange Account.

After selecting your copy-trading exchange account you can then PRESS THE GREEN ATTACH ACCOUNT BUTTON. This will save the account connected to your copy trading group. You ONLY need to save account settings again if the connected group is changed.

Afterward, marking the group as "active" using the toggle pictured in the image above will change the status. Copy trades will only be posted for subscribers when the group is marked as "active".

Pressing the toggle to change the status of your copy trading group does not require a user to press the green attach/save button again. The status is automatically saved as the toggle is clicked!

If you "deactivate" a copy trading connection then trades will not be copied and current trades may be left open for subscribers!

Some exchanges allow a limited number of WebSocket connections per account or subaccount. Make sure that this account or subaccount is not connected to any other system that may interfere with our connection if your selected exchange imposes limits on WebSockets.

Changing A Linked Trading Account

Changing the trading account linked to the copy trading platform is simple. You must first deactivate the group temporarily by using the toggle above. After the group is marked as inactive you can then select an applicable exchange connection. After connecting a new account you must mark the group as "active" again for copy trading to persist for subscribers.

Please close out all positions before deactivating or changing the connected exchange account. Failure to do so may cause some issues for subscribers.

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