Manage A Copy Group

Documentation on how to manage specific details and user access to your Copy Trading Group on the Compendium application.

Managing Copy Trading Group Subscribers

Managing subscribers is important to copy trading groups marked as private. The only way for a user to access a private copy trading group is to receive a direct invite from the group admin. Our management portal also makes it easy to edit subscriber information after they have accepted the invite and leave notes.

Group leaders may mark groups as private if they plan to monetize the group off the platform through direct payments or by using our CMFI token access payments which are planned to launch shortly.

Public copy trading groups have limited group management features.

Sending A Copy Group Invite

As mentioned, copy trading groups marked as private will require the group admin/leader to send an invite to the group. Scrolling down the group management page will reveal the "Send Group Invite" component.

The invite system works via a Compendium user's "Username" / "Nickname". Upon entering a valid username, the green "Send Invite" button will then appear. Clicking on this will send the invite to the user which they can then accept on the copy trading group section of their "Subscriptions" tab.

Manage Individual Member Subscription

Private trading groups allow the ability to change the status of a user's subscription and set a note in our system table.

For example, if a group leader is monetizing their group off the platform and a user has missed their payment window then the group leader may set the subscription to "inactive". This will send an email to the user from our system that there has been a status change. The notes section for each user can also be used to keep track of recent payments and other details.

Managing members is simple and can be done from the table pictured below that becomes available when scrolling down the page. Clicking on the "Manage" button will display a popup allowing you to make these changes.

Deleting A Copy Trading Group

Ready to move on? Deleting a Copy Trading Group is easy. This option is found at the bottom of that group’s admin page. You will be asked to confirm before deleting the group. Once the group is deleted we will automatically send out email notifications to all group subscribers. Group deletion is permanent in our database. The ability to pause and resume copy trading connections can also be found on the same admin page.

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