Creating A Signal Group

Documentation outlining how to create and manage your own Signal Provider Group within the Compendium application.

Creating A Signal Provider Group

After registering for a Compendium account, you can then proceed to the user dashboard. Click on "Social Trading" on the top navigation bar and then click on "Manage Your Own Groups".

You can then proceed to the group management pop-up by clicking on the "Create Social Trading Group" button located on this page.

Clicking the "Create Social Trading Group" button above will display a pop-up full of information that you will need to fill out in order to continue.

  • Trading Group Type: The type of social trading group you wish to create. For this purpose, we will select "Signal Provider Group"

  • Trading Group Name: What would you like your signal provider group to be called? Please follow our terms and conditions and stray away from profane content.

  • Strategyโ€™s Description: Give the public details on how the signal provider group is run. Details on how to obtain a private subscription and more can also be entered here. Please make this description as thorough as possible and also include snippets on your trading style, risk thresholds, and other important variables to help other users make informed decisions.

  • Private Group Checkbox: You will also notice a check box for public and private group settings. Marking this checkbox will mark the group as private which means that the public can see that the group exists and read the group description but can not subscribe to the group or see details of recent trade posts. Private groups require members to be invited from that groupโ€™s admin page.

Please keep in mind that a private group cannot *currently* be marked as public after creation and vice versa. This helps to prevent problems with group subscriptions. We recommend making a new or separate group in this case.

After filling in the information, you can then press the "Save" button. This group will then become available on the "Manage Your Trading Groups" page. To access group management and connect an exchange account, click on the "Manage" button in the table for that group. You will also be automatically subscribed to your new Signal Group. The subscription can be managed from your "Subscriptions" panel on the regular user dashboard.

After clicking the manage button, you will be forwarded to the group management page for that specific copy trading group.

On this page you can edit existing information or add the following group information parameters:

  • Strategy Visible Icon: Upload a 500x500 image to act as your groupโ€™s visible icon. Make sure that your uploaded graphic meets our community standards.

  • Telegram: You can input the URL parameters of your telegram group here. Please do not insert the whole URL. An example of this format is given in the pop-up.

  • Twitter: You can input the Twitter page username of your group here. Please do not insert an @ sign or input the whole URL.

  • Discord: You can enter the invite code for your own group discord server here. Please do not input the whole URL. Users will also be prompted to join our official Discord server for technical support if needed.

Inputting social links can help possible subscribers research further about your trading group offerings or contact you with potential questions.

Our signal provider group system is built on top of the PENDAX SDK. Our system takes a unique risk-based approach to support the most intuitive trading experience for group leaders and followers.

It is important to understand the intricacies of this platform while placing trades and subscribing. When posting a trade our system will look at the risk parameter laid out in Sending Trading Signals.

For example: If you post an average risk parameter of 10 then an account with a $1000 balance would attempt to post a $100 trade. Depending on market contract requirements this may fail to meet certain minimum order requirements.

You should communicate "Minimum Balance Recommendation" with subscribers in the available dropdown below to provide insight into your equity strategy. Some traders may use smaller accounts with higher equity trades and other traders may use larger accounts with smaller equity trades.

Please make sure to save all information changes. These changes are not automatically saved.

Your Next Steps

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Deleting A Signal Provider Group

Ready to move on? Deleting a Signal Provider Group is easy. This option is found at the bottom of that groupโ€™s admin page. You will be asked to confirm before deleting the group. Once the group is deleted we will automatically send out email notifications to all group subscribers. Group deletion is permanent in our database.

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