Managing A Subscription

Managing and editing settings for your subscription to a Verified Trading Bot on the Compendium application.

Managing A Trading Bot Subscription

Users also have the option to manage their subscriptions as well and change connected exchange accounts and certain parameters. These features are accessible from the "Subscriptions" panel of the "Trading Bot" page on the user dashboard. You can view certain metrics and options about each subscription from this panel.

Connecting An Account To The Trading Bot

After subscribing to a strategy it is then important to link a centralized exchange trading account using your API keys. Make sure that the API keys have access to modify or post trades. These API keys do not need access for deposits and withdrawals while utilizing our platform. Instructions for linking exchange accounts can be found here.

🔗pageConnect An Exchange Account
  • Visit the "Subscriptions" panel in the "Trading Bots" section of the user dashboard.

  • You can now connect an exchange account by clicking the "Manage" button next to that trading bot's details.

  • Upon clicking the "Manage" button the following page may appear:

You will be able to select an exchange account currently in good health check standing to connect to this trading bot strategy. Select an account, and then save your changes using the green button when the conditional button status changes.

Always make sure that the connection passes health checks and is promptly funded with the correct underlying collateral to ensure trading commences. Please note that one exchange account API connection can not be used in multiple Trading Bot or Signal Provider Groups at the same time. Please create a newly funded subaccount or exchange account to use if you are utilizing multiple products or tools.

Checking Your Subscription Status

After linking your exchange account and passing the health check, it is then important to view the current status of your subscription on the main subscription pages.

Users will see one of the following "Subscription Status" monikers: ✅ Currently Trading Signals: This status means that the trading bot subscription is in good standing and that you currently have the account connection set to "active". Trades will be posted to a connected exchange account. ❌ Currently Not Active: This status means that the trading bot subscription may still be in good standing but that you currently do not have an exchange account connected or that you have set the active status to "inactive". Trades will not be posted to a connected exchange account. ⚠️ Requires Subscription Credits: This notification in the Subscription Status column means that the underlying subscription requires credits to be added in order to facilitate trades again. Refer to Subscribing To A Verified Bot above.

Customizing Your Subscription

Parameters for each subscription are customizable by pressing the "View/Edit" button for that specific group from the main subscriptions table.

  • Configure Account: Make changes to the connected exchange account API keys, add a new API key connection, or select another exchange to utilize this strategy on.

  • Perform Account Health Check: Pressing this button will perform a backup health check on the connected exchange account to ensure our system is still capable of communicating while utilizing your connected API keys.

  • Strategy Details: View the connected strategy details, historical statistics, recent trading history, and more.

  • Billing Details: Some verified trading bots require a monthly subscription charge to access. Users can view historical billing payments or add subscription time on this panel.

  • Receive Email Notifications: You will not receive email notifications if this option is toggled "OFF"

Trade Post Error Handling

Internal error handling is built into our platform, however, there may be very distinct circumstances for a trade's failure to post that a user may be responsible for.

  • Failure To Pass Health Check: Our system cannot post trades to an exchange account connection that has not been set up correctly. Please ensure all linked exchange accounts are set up correctly.

  • Lack Of Available Collateral: A user must have a sufficient amount of available underlying collateral for the trading strategy to utilize. We recommend only running one strategy on each subaccount so there is no overlap of collateral usage. All manual trading should also be done on another subaccount as well.

  • Strategy Subscription Ended: Your subscription to the strategy may have ended. In this case, you will need to add more time allocation to that strategy in order for trades to keep posting. If a subscription runs out of time while a trade is open, then our system will not close the open order.

  • Max Leverage Settings: We recommend settings your maximum leverage settings to at least twice what your subscription's settings are based on. This ensures that trade will correctly post if the connected exchanges system fails to immediately update your collateral used.

  • Exchange Unavailability: In some rare circumstances, an exchange's systems may go offline making it impossible to access your account credentials. Our system does implement dynamic retries but if a system is offline for an extended period of time or signals continue to time out then a trade may not correctly post.

Users will receive an email to their registered address if an error can be immediately diagnosed by our automated systems

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