Discord Webhooks Setup

Documentation outlining the setup and integration of Discord Webhooks attached to a Copy Trading Group. Useful for community notifications and trade tracking systems.

Discord Webhooks provide a simple way to integrate notifications for each copy trade to your community. These notifications can help ensure subscribers stay up to date with their accounts and can report or fix any issues as they occur. Automating your alerts with Webhooks can save group leaders ample amounts of time by not dealing with micro-management of their infrastructure.

Creating A Discord Webhook

You can create a Discord webhook using either the graphical user interface (GUI) or the Discord API. The most straightforward way to add a webhook to your Discord account is through the user interface. It is the recommended option if you plan to manage your Discord webhooks in automated workflows.

To add a webhook to your server:

  • Navigate to the Integrations page on your Discord server

  • Click on Create Webhook

  • Give your webhook an appropriate name

  • Choose the destination channel

  • Save the changes made to your webhook configuration.

Make sure not to share your Webhook URL for security reasons.

Webhook ID And Token

The Discord Webhook created in the previous step can be dissected into three different sections. Understanding these different sections is necessary for connecting the Webhook to your Copy Trading Group in order to receive notifications.

Example Of Discord Webhook


Dissected Discord Webhook

https://discord.com/api/webhooks/[WEBHOOK ID]/[WEBHOOK TOKEN]

In this example, the following would be true:

  • Webhook ID: 1076532801734452871

  • Webhook Token: OTAFbsHZT-33XzMlb0eCZnkt7bXKGqHU3EdeVaPCji-UvoDyK_j9ve0HjxQDCltaTREC

Set Webhook For Group

Visit the group management panel for your designated Copy Trading Group. Scroll down to the "Discord Webhook" section and press the down arrow to display the full component.

Using what we've learned in the previous section, enter the correct Discord Webhook ID and Webhook Token in the appropriate input fields. After entering the correct information press "Save Webhook Information" and a test webhook entry will be sent to your designated Webhook URL.

In order to clear any information or deactivate the Webhook, just simply save empty input fields for both inputs.

Example Webhook Info

The following image shows an example of what a group leader can expect from Webhook integrations.

We highly recommend saving a custom Group Icon in your management panel to avoid any complications with empty data fields while using the Webhook.

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