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The Compendium automated strategy marketplace displays a full list of live tested cryptocurrency trading bots and strategies.

You can also view our strategy marketplace's public page here (Does not require login) :

Available Marketplace Filtering

Our marketplace provides several different filtering options to help find the correct strategy for everyone while giving equal free-market-based visibility to all verified trading bots. The following filtering options are available from the dropdown at the top of the marketplace grid.

  • All Trading Bots: Displays all trading bots on the marketplace with no parameter filtering.

  • Paid Subscription Trading Bots: Displays all trading bots that require a monthly subscription which can be paid via PayPal, USDC, or CMFI on a rolling monthly basis.

  • Free Trading Bots: Displays all trading bots available for free with no subscription payment needed.

  • Invite-Only Trading Bots: Displays trading bots that require users to meet certain parameters in order to receive an invite from the author. These strategies are private and can not be openly subscribed to.

  • Token & NFT Gated Access: Displays trading bots that require the user to have an eligible connected wallet to access.

Trading bots can also be filtered by strategy type as well which is explained below. A strategy type will determine what kind of collateral and market the trading bot utilizes to make and post trades on connected accounts.

Trading Bot Subscription Types

Our marketplace features a wide variety of strategies by different algorithmic authors and funds. There are currently four different types of subscription models available depending on the strategy.

  • Paid Monthly Subscriptions: These trading bots are most often the most sophisticated and are offered by third-party authors who set the price individually for access to their own strategies. All monthly subscription payments are made through our automated systems and send a large percentage of the payment to the author to help support the further development of these strategies. Our payment systems are non-recurring and will require users to purchase a set amount of monthly credits. Users can then purchase more credits before their subscription time is up in order to continue utilizing this strategy.

  • Free Access: These trading bots are provided for FREE to all users on Compendium with no strings attached. Users can subscribe to this strategy for free in 3-month increments. To continue using this strategy after the 3-month subscription is over, a user just needs to renew their subscription for free. This helps to cut down on unused subscription allocations.

  • Invite-Only Trading Bots: These trading bots require users to meet certain parameters set by the author in order to receive an invite. Subscriptions are managed by the author who will have control over which users gain and retain access. Users can visit our Discord or reach out to the author with an invite request if they wish to utilize one of these strategies.

  • NFT & Tokenized Access: Trading bots offered under this program are available for members or holders of the Compendi-Pigs NFT and CMFI token ecosystems. Users can subscribe to these strategies after linking a Phantom Wallet or Discord account that meets the minimum criteria requirements. The subscription will remain active as long as this account continues to meet the minimum holder requirements.

Looking to further support a trading bot author? Up to 90% of subscription payments are sent to the author each month, however, 100% of payments made in $CMFI are sent directly to the author on subscription payment.

Understanding Strategies With Analytics

Our system hosts a wide variety of strategies with verifiable historical results. In addition to traditional data, we also include a list of data and analytics points on each trading bot's page to ensure subscribers can make a decision that best fits their overall trading strategy.

Strategy Types

Our verified strategy marketplace hosts two different main versions of retail-facing strategies. The two main types differ in the related markets that they may trade on.

Spot Markets / Auto Hedge Strategies

These strategies trade spot markets based on a user's collateral in order to take advantage of changing market sentiment, DCA into a spot position, or attempt to hedge a user's portfolio. A user MUST hold one of the underlying assets of this strategy's main trading pair in their attached exchange portfolio for the strategy to work correctly. For example: If a user is utilizing a spot market bot that trades SOL/USD, then a user must either have Solana or USD in the attached underlying exchange portfolio. Otherwise, this strategy will fail to correctly post trades

Perpetual Futures Strategies

These strategies trade perpetual futures (or futures SWAP markets) on supported centralized exchanges. The strategy will either long or short the perpetual futures market instead of buying or selling an underlying asset. To correctly utilize these strategies a user must have the correct collateral available in the connected account. Most exchanges support a variety of underlying assets with different collateral basis percentages, although USDT and USDC are the most popular. For example: If a user attaches a perpetual futures market strategy to an OKX account, then OKX will calculate the total collateral available for the specific margin asset on the traded market. If the market is BTC-USDT-SWAP then the user must have USDT as collateral for margin in their connected account.

Although not required, we do recommend utilizing stable coins for underlying collateral on perpetual futures strategies in order to prevent collateral minimalization during market shifts. It is also recommended to research exactly how leverage and liquidations work to prevent any possible loss of funds and stay within responsible risk thresholds.

Historical Strategy Analytics

Upon viewing each strategy a user will be greeted with a list of historical data points to help understand if the trading bot fits their goal.

Each of the following data points is available for each bot. Users can also hover over the "?" next to each point for a tooltip explainer that matches the explainers below.

Traded Asset: Verified strategies only trade on one specific market. This market can either be Spot (USD) or specialized markets like perpetual futures (PERP or USDT-SWAP, etc).

Default Equity: The default amount of equity used from the attached account collateral in each posted trade signal. This may differ slightly with each trade post dependent on individual call details.

Default Leverage: The default amount of leverage used in conjunction with the equity settings in each trade signal post. This may differ slightly with each trade post dependent on individual call details.

Candle Time Frame: Estimated time frame that this strategy may observe. Shorter time frames lead to quicker more frequent trades.

Trade Frequency: Insight into how many trades this strategy has taken within the verified listing timeframe.

Strategy Logic: The main strategy type that this verified trading bot will employ in trade signals.

Trade Amount Cap: The total amount of collateral that can be utilized in one single trade signal post under this strategy. This is mainly utilized to prevent slippage on less liquid pairs. This does not apply while closing trades that with profit may include a higher order size.

Started Trading On: The day this strategy began the verification process and live trading on the Compendium platform.

Compounding Discount: Compounding discounts apply to monthly subscriptions for this strategy and multiply with each new month added at the same time in order to give users the best deals! This is solely applicable to strategies that require a monthly subscription fee.

Trading Bot Performance Data

Performance is based on live trade data with no backtest results. Trade posts are calculated using the default settings and data is pulled via API from an exchange account.

The attached graph for each bot displays the trading bot's historical lifetime return from the start of the verification process until the current date and time. It is important to note that this performance chart also is affected by variables like slippage, funding, and fees just as a real subscriber's account would be affected! There will always be slight variations between each subscriber, however, this graph best portrays applicable historical results.

The recent trades table pulls data through API from our live trading account to show actual entries and exits a subscriber can expect when utilizing this verified strategy.

When subscribing to or selecting a strategy it is important to remember that historical results can never guarantee future outcomes and all trades are solely at the user's discretion.

It is important to understand how the trading routers and strategy subscription settings work in conjunction with posting orders for each user.

Each verified trading strategy features a default set of parameters for the following: Traded Market: This is the market that the trading strategy will focus on. Verified trading strategies are limited to one single market. Default Leverage: This is the standard leverage setting for trades posted to subscribers. It is calculated in conjunction with "Default Equity" to form the order amount for each individual trade signal a user may receive. Default Equity: This is the standard equity setting that the strategy will utilize. For example: A 100% equity means that the strategy has access to the full collateral of the attached exchange account. Formulating trade posts for each user is dependent on the factors above. Both the default leverage and equity are also customizable but we recommend this feature for advanced users only.

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