Link Account To Group

Instructions on how to link a connected exchange account to follow trades from your Copy Trading Subscriptions on the Compendium Application.

Attaching An Account To Your Subscription

The ability to manage your group on the subscriptions tab will appear after subscribing to a group or accepting a copy trading group invite.

Visit your "Subscriptions" tab of the regular dashboard and click the "Manage" button after activation in order to begin the process of linking your supported exchange account. Our system gives users the ability to connect a currently active exchange account which are managed and added on the Connections page of the dashboard. Please read our Connect An Exchange documentation if you are having issues completing this last step.

The system currently only allows exchange accounts to be connected that match the copy group leader's selected exchange. This limitation will be removed when cross-exchange copy trading is activated shortly.

It is important to remember that the linked exchange account will need to pass the "Health Check" process in order for copied trades to post to a user's account. Accounts also require deposited collateral in the connected exchange account. We recommend collateral in line with the minimum recommended balance of each group.

OKX Specific Notes

Copy trading on OKX requires both leaders and subscribers to set their accounts up in a certain way. The following settings should be used for all services when an OKX account is attached.

  • Account Mode Should Be Set To Single Currency Margin

  • Futures & Perpetual Contract Units Should Be Set To Contracts

  • Order Placement Mode Should Be Set To Buy/Sell Mode

We also recommend ensuring that you set ample maximum leverage on OKX accounts to ensure there are no issues with account balances during trade posts. OKX recently introduced "Trade Clearance Settings" as a master leverage control on the main account which will need to be set high enough in certain instances so as to not interfere with leverage calculations. This setting also carries over to all subaccounts associated with the main account.

To change or turn off this new setting please follow the instructions below:

1) Access your account. Make sure you are on the main account and not a subaccount.

2) Hover over the profile icon and click on the "Security" tab.

3) Scroll down to the "Enabled Security Features" section

4) Make sure that "Trading Clearance Settings" are turned off.

If you choose to leave the setting on, please ensure that leverage is set to at least 50x or is in conjunction with the settings your copy group leader is using per trade post. Your trades may fail to post or post with the incorrect leverage and risk management settings if these settings do not match or cause leverage to be restricted.

Changing the Connected Exchange Account

Changing the connected exchange account is simple.

  • Users MUST deactivate the subscription before changing the connected account.

  • After temporarily deactivating the subscription you can then choose from applicable connected exchange accounts.

  • Choose the new account, save the account connection, and then click the toggle to activate the strategy on your connected account again.

Applicable exchange accounts are connected accounts in good standing from the same exchange as the current copy group leader's exchange account. This feature will be opened up for cross-exchange shortly.

Activating The Copy Trading Connection

After linking your exchange account and passing the health check, it is then important to activate the subscription. The "Activate Copy Trading For Account" toggle will be clickable after an exchange connection has been established. By clicking this toggle to active, trades will begin posting to the connected account when observed by the group leader.

Deactivating The Copy Trading Connection

Deactivating the connection is simple. Just click the toggle to inactive and copy trading posts will seize on the connected account until the subscription is activated again.

Trade Post Error Handling

Internal error handling is built into our platform, however, there may be very distinct circumstances for a trade's failure to post that a user may be responsible for.

  • Failure To Pass Health Check: Our system cannot post trades to an exchange account connection that has not been set up correctly. Please ensure all linked exchange accounts are set up correctly.

  • Lack Of Available Collateral: A user must have a sufficient amount of available underlying collateral for the trading strategy to utilize. We recommend only running one strategy on each subaccount so there is no overlap of collateral usage. All manual trading should also be done on another subaccount as well.

  • Strategy Subscription Ended: Your subscription to the strategy may have ended. In this case, you will need to add more time allocation to that strategy in order for trades to keep posting. If a subscription runs out of time while a trade is open, then our system will not close the open order.

  • Max Leverage Settings: We recommend settings your maximum leverage settings to at least twice what your subscription's settings are based on. This ensures that trade will correctly post if the connected exchanges system fails to immediately update your collateral used.

  • Exchange Unavailability: In some rare circumstances an exchange's systems may go offline making it impossible to access your account credentials. Our system does implement dynamic retries but if a system is offline for an extended period of time or signals continue to time out then a trade may not correctly post.

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