🎨Branding Guidelines

Design and logo identification requirements for displaying Compendium materials.

Version 1 on the Compendium platform was often named or labeled as "Compendium.Fi". We have simplified naming structures with the launch of version 2 and now focus solely on designation as "Compendium"

Please read the following notes:

  • Below are the visual materials you can use while talking about Compendium, PENDAX, and related ecosystem products.

  • Preferential naming in documents should be "Compendium". We utilize the "Compendium Finance" name in materials and on social media where the name "Compendium" or "Compendium.Fi" is invalid or already registered.

  • All of these materials are the property of Compendium. We reserve the right to request that they be withdrawn if misused.

  • The branding guidelines are a work in progress as we update our systems and may be changed.

  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions: https://compendium.finance/contact

Official Font Type

All official websites, graphics, and portals utilize the POPPINS style font family where applicable.

Full Compendium Logos

Version 2 Full Logos

Compendium Icon Sets

Version 2 Icon (Rounded Square)

This icon is used on the Compendium application and in most branding that represents the trading tool ecosystem

Version 2 Icon (With Bezel)

The rounded icon with the bezel represents the Compendium Finance Token. The round icon is often used on social media due to thumbnail limitations in place of the square icon.

Version 1 Icon

The version 1 icon has been deprecated. Users and developers may still see the version 1 icon appear on third-party portals or informative websites where the integrator has not updated our branding styles. We urge all parties to update their portals to portray our new guidelines.

Square PENDAX logo without border

Rounded PENDAX logo with border

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