Managing A Signal Group

Documentation on how to manage specific details and user access to your Signal Provider Group on the Compendium application.

Public Group Management

As a Public Signal Provider Group, you have access to a suite of limited group administration tools. As the group leader, you have the ability to dynamically update the group's profile information, social media integrations, and descriptive details at will. However, the more advanced subscriber management functionalities, such as follower subscription and access management, are exclusive to private groups.

Public copy trading groups have limited group management features.

Private Group Management

As a Private Signal Provider Group, you have the ultimate control over access to your strategies and the ability to manage subscribers. Our platform provides advanced group management features that enable you to safeguard your proprietary information while granting access to only those individuals you choose. You have the power to configure your group settings, including defining subscriber permissions and managing subscriptions. This exclusive level of control allows you to maintain the integrity of your strategies while maximizing their impact. By leveraging the full suite of group management tools at your disposal, you can create a highly secure and optimized environment for your signal delivery and subscriber engagement.

Managing Signal Provider Group Subscribers

The subscriber management process is of utmost importance to private Signal Provider Groups. Our platform implements a secure, invite-only access model, which requires potential subscribers to receive a direct invitation from the group leader. Our intuitive management portal streamlines the process of editing subscriber information and facilitates the addition of annotations and notes.

Group leaders may opt for the private designation to monetize their group through alternative payment channels, however, we offer a built-in CMFI payment mechanism within the platform to simplify this process for paid groups. This allows you to focus on delivering high-quality signals while our platform handles the transactional details. By taking advantage of our robust subscriber management tools and integrated payment options, you can streamline your operations and maximize your revenue potential.

Sending A Private Group Invite

As mentioned, signal provider groups marked as private will require the group admin/leader to send an invite to the group. Scrolling down the group management page will reveal the "Send Group Invite" component.

The invite system works via a Compendium user's "Username" / "Nickname". Upon entering a valid username, the green "Send Invite" button will then appear. Clicking on this will send the invite to the user which they can then accept on the signal provider group section of their "Subscriptions" tab.

Manage Individual Member Subscription

You have the capability to dynamically modify the subscription status of your group members while leading a private group. Our system provides a powerful and flexible subscriber management solution, which includes the ability to change the status of a user's subscription and to add notes in our database.

For instance, if a group leader wishes to monetize their group through an alternative payment mechanism and a subscriber fails to meet their payment obligation, the group leader can set the subscription status to "inactive". This action will trigger an automated email notification from our system, alerting the user of the change. The notes section for each subscriber can also be leveraged to track payment history and other relevant information.

Managing group members is made effortless through our user-friendly interface. The subscriber management table, accessible by scrolling down the page, displays all relevant information at a glance. The "Manage" button provides immediate access to a popup that enables you to perform modifications, making the process simple and straightforward. By utilizing our cutting-edge subscriber management tools, you can maintain a streamlined and well-organized group, optimized for maximum performance and success.

More information on Paid Group Management will become available shortly as we begin to roll out this feature.

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