Smart Swap Aggregator

Our Smart Swap Aggregator for the Solana network is built on top of the Jupiter SDK to ensure our users receive the widest range of token route availability between all swaps.

Trading on the Smart Swap Aggregator is a simple one-click process. This enables you to trade any supported token across all Solana protocols integrated with Jupiter.

How To Use Smart Swap

The following documentation has been written with help from our community to best utilize Compendex's Smart Swap Aggregator features.

Connect Your Wallet

Start by connecting a supported wallet on the Solana network by pressing the green "Connect" button found on the top right of the application. The full list and download links for supported wallets can be found here 👇

Supported Solana Wallets

After downloading and connecting a supported wallet, please ensure your account meets the prerequisites for making a swap on our aggregator.

Prerequisites For Swapping On Solana
  • Have at least 0.05 SOL in your wallet for transaction fees.

  • Have an initial balance for the "Token In" to receive "Token Out"

Choosing Tokens And Amounts

After connecting your wallet to Compendex, you can choose the Input and Output tokens for your desired swap transaction in the "Smart Swap" component.

In the example above, the user selected to trade 10 SOL and receive USDC as the output.

After selecting and inputting your desired parameters, our systems will automatically find the best routes for your swap and immediately populate the best choices.

The system is integrated with Jupiter and aggregates liquidity from the best sources on Solana. These sources include Orca, Raydium, Openbook, Mercurial, Saber, Lifinity, and many others!

You will see the output results for best-suggested routing in the "Displaying Best Routes" selection pictured in the example above. Here you can see that the best route for a 10 SOL -> USDC swap would route through two Raydium markets to provide the best return.

Understanding Associated Fees

Fees are already included in the total number of tokens you will receive when choosing your route. Compendex charges a flat 10 bps fee (0.1%) for all swaps done through our interface to further support project development. Any additional fees are also included in the output of the swap and may include Solana network fees and associated exchange fees of the protocols your swap transaction will be interacting with.

Understanding Transaction Slippage

Slippage is important, especially while trading tokens with minimal liquidity. Slippage will determine the minimum number of tokens you will receive. Setting a slippage of 1% means that if the price slips greater than 1% of your initial routing quote, our system will not complete the transaction.

Slippage can be set for transactions by clicking the blue "gear" icon in the top left of the Smart Swap component.

Finalizing A Swap Transaction

After verifying your parameters are correct and that you have selected the best-displayed route. A user can then click on the "Swap" button at the bottom of the component to initialize the selected transaction.

A wallet popup will appear to approve the selected transaction. Please review the transaction details to ensure the correctly desired inputs and outputs before selecting the "Approve" button.

View Swap History And Details

You can view your Smart Swap Aggregator transaction history by clicking on the Swap History tab in the informational component at the bottom of the page.

This same component can also show your current wallet balances, and all tokens added to your watchlist.

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