๐Ÿ’ซCopy Trading Groups

Our Copy Trading Groups allow any trader to create their own private or public group trading integrations through Compendium with no setup or subscription fees.

Getting Started With Copy Trading

Documentation for our Copy Trading Groups is organized into a few key sections depending on your specific need or role within the ecosystem.

  1. Developers & Group Leaders: Instructions on creating a group, managing your subscribers, and ensuring you meet supported trade requirements.

  2. Users & Group Subscribers: Instructions for users wishing to subscribe to Copy Trading Groups and utilize these tools to help automate their trading portfolios.

pageFor Copy Group Leaders

The following documentation pages can be extremely helpful while creating and managing your own Copy Trading Groups on Compendium.

pageCreating A Copy GrouppageLinking Leader AccountpageImportant Trading NotespageManage A Copy GrouppageDiscord Webhooks Setup

This system works differently than our verified bots or signal providers. Group leaders can link subaccount or account API keys to create a live connection subscription to trade naturally from the exchange interface (and not a special terminal like most other systems). This system was built from the ground up by traders for traders with efficiency in mind.

Free To Use: Just like most of our products, the Copy Trading Group systems are free to use for both group leaders and group subscribers. Managing larger groups on other platforms can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. With us, it's FREE.

For nearly a year now, I've had the upmost privilege of working with the team at Compendium and the multitude of tools and products the team offers. While the copy trading system has been a core part of the features I use, the Compendium platform offers a wide range of products and features.

Whether the latest and cutting edge DEX, NFT platform, trading strategies and bots, or simply copy trading systems, the Compendium platform is hands down the best and by far ahead of any of its competitors when it comes to offering like features and products. However, and most importantly, the team itself sets the bar extremely high when it comes to delivering a quality product. Take the copy trading system for example, there's none like out there that exists today, yet it offers all of the features the perfect copy trading system should offer. Real time execution of copied trades directly within the exchange, not from some third party platform. And best of all, risk management is tied directly into the copy trading system so if/when the trader executes a trade with 1% risk, that same 1% risk applies across to all users connected to the copy trader, regardless of their account size and value. With the sound risk management functionality, copy traders are also in complete control of the trade (ability to exit/close trade if desired) and their funds as well.

Lastly, the team themselves are down to earth, helpful, and some of the most genuine people in the space. The team is quick to respond and address any issues that may arise, which is not many or often, but they are "one of us" when it comes to trading and they know what traders want and look for when it comes to trading tools. I can't recommend enough the team and tools they have built within Compendium platform and I know I'll personally be using for the years to come. Thank you to the team at Compendium for what they have built for the traders of today.

โ€” From a Copy Trading Group Leader - SatoshiScalper

The Main Benefits Of Copy Trading

The main benefit of copy trading for retail clients is that it allows them to benefit from the expertise and experience of successful traders. With copy trading, retail clients can automatically copy the trades of these successful traders, allowing them to potentially achieve similar returns on their own investments. This can be particularly useful for retail clients who are new to trading or who do not have the time or expertise to conduct their own research and analysis.

Overall, the benefits of copy trading for retail clients include access to a wider range of investment opportunities and the ability to potentially achieve better returns on their investments by following the proven strategies of experienced traders.

How Does Copy Trading Work?

  • A WebSocket connection is made with the group leaderโ€™s connected exchange trading account.

  • Subscribers can then link their trading API keys to our system when actively subscribed to a Copy Trading Group.

  • The Copy Group leader trades natively from the regular exchange interface without the need for a special terminal or further integrations. This helps to provide a better user experience and an optimal trading experience.

  • WebSocket connections from the main account then parse trades through our backend and PENDAX to ensure trades are posted correctly and at blazing-fast speed for each group subscriber.

  • Our system uses dynamic risk management thresholds for each individual subscriber by calculating the Copy Group leaderโ€™s risk management on position entry or exit. It then algorithmically associates that calculated risk management percentage to each copy traderโ€™s total collateral balance to ensure users remain within the leaderโ€™s set risk threshold. These thresholds can also be dynamically adjusted by each user if they wish to enter with slightly different risk management settings. We recommend that only advanced users change their risk management setting from group default.

  • Our Copy Trading integrations also will also soon feature the ability for both leaders and group followers to trade across different exchanges. Internal systems normalize available markets and make sure that trades are posted to the correct markets if a subscriber is trading on a different exchange platform than the group leader.

Please note that the use of all Copy Trading Group systems for both leaders and subscribers is at your own discretion and falls in line with our Risk Disclosures. Compendium has no formal relationship with leaders or authors of Copy Groups. We recommend keeping "tabs" on your exchange account to ensure trades are posting correctly and are within reason.

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