Important Trading Notes

Important Notes For Copy Group Leaders on understanding risk management, minimum trade sizing, and specific exchange setup requirements.

Important Notes For Copy Group Leaders

Please read these important notes before taking on subscribers or posting your first trade.

All group subscribers should ensure their maximum account leverage positions are set high enough according to their trading style. If a user hits their maximum leverage availability then new trades will fail to post. We recommend advising a cushion percentage for emergency cases. Our system will automatically adjust leverage settings for connected accounts dependent on group needs, however, this automated process is not available for all supported platforms.

For example: If you usually trade at a maximum of 3x leverage available then advise your group members to adjust their maximum leverage bar to 5x in order to provide a "cushion" and avoid trade interference.

Understand the risk management threshold calculations and minimum order requirements for certain trading pairs. Most trading pairs have a minimum trading post requirement to enter a position. If a Copy Group leader has a larger balance and enters a new position at a lower risk threshold, this trade may not meet the minimum order requirement for a subscriber with a low collateral balance. After testing we recommend that subscribers try to have anywhere between $700-$1000 in minimum collateral available for the Copy Trading infrastructure to correctly work for them on medium to high-risk threshold posts. A lower-risk group may require subscribers to have a higher overall balance to meet minimum order requirements.

Our system essentially supports all available order types on multiple different supported exchanges besides those noted in Unsupported Order Types. The upgraded Copy Trading Systems (Built on PENDAX) will automatically copy a multitude of different order types for a true copy trading experience. This ensures that all users can exit and enter a trade depending on slippage and protects accounts from multiple order posts through essential filtering requests.

When closing a position please make sure to always try and select the โ€œReduce Onlyโ€ toggle or press the โ€œMarket Closeโ€ button if these parameters are available on that exchange.

Advise your followers to always closely watch their accounts. Our Copy Trading Group solution provides a great way to automate your trading group but no system is always perfect. Please tell your subscribers to leave their notifications on so that they can monitor trade entries and exits.

In the rare occurrence that API or data information fetches from a connected exchange is unavailable or out of the available threshold a trade may fail to post. Our system will automatically retry trade entries within a set time threshold. Any orders that encounter an error may send an automated email to the affected user describing the problem.

OKX Account Setup

Copy trading on OKX requires both leaders and subscribers to set their accounts up in a certain way. The following settings should be used for all services when an OKX account is attached.

  • Account Mode Should Be Set To Single Currency Margin

  • Futures & Perpetual Contract Units Should Be Set To Contracts

  • Order Placement Mode Should Be Set To Buy/Sell Mode

We also recommend ensuring that you set ample maximum leverage on OKX accounts to ensure there are no issues with account balances during trade posts.

Unsupported Order Types

  • Best Bid Orders "BBO" are unreliable for most copy-trading instances. We highly advise against using this order type as a group leader. Due to the nature of this order, it may not act as planned on subscriber accounts and will lead to some issues.

Using unsupported order types may result in issues with orders being posted for followers.

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