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Instructions on how to subscribe to a Copy Trading group and receive trading notifications to a connected exchange account.

Subscribing To A Copy Trading Group

Joining a public Copy Trading Group is easy and straightforward. Users can browse available groups on the dashboard or on the public Copy Trading Group page.

When viewing public groups you can also see all related information in order to make an educated decision. Specific group statistics and recent trade posts will be available to view on each group's page. If a Copy Group is marked as private the recent trade posts will be hidden from public view. Due to data limitations and some high-frequency trading groups, our system currently saves the last 100 trades for analytics purposes.

Invitations for private groups can be found on the Subscriptions panel of the regular user dashboard by scrolling to the "Copy Trading Subscriptions" table and clicking on the "View Copy Invites" button.

If a Copy Trading Group is marked as public then a user can freely subscribe to this group by clicking the "Subscribe" button located at the top right above the social sharing button.

After subscribing to a copy group it is now time to select an exchange account to initiate copy trades through.

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Customizing Your Copy Trading Group Subscription

Parameters for each subscription are customizable by pressing the "Manage" button for that specific group from the main subscriptions table.

The ability to perform a health check on your connected account appears here along with the ability to toggle email notifications. Due to the high-frequency output of some groups we have recently changed email notifications from single trades to historical trade reminders and error handling notifications.

Unsubscribing From A Copy Group

If a user wishes to delete their copy subscription or no longer utilize that specific group then they can delete the subscription from the subscription management screen.

Deleting a copy subscription is permanent and will require the user to re-subscribe to the group, or receive another invitation if the group is marked as private.

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