NFT Metaverse Markets

Access on-chain information for Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT's) on Solana with the CompendiumFi Metaverse Markets.

The NFT section of Compendex is currently unavailable. We are hard at work pushing a brand-new and unique trading experience. The following documentation is outdated.

The Metaverse Markets user-friendly dashboard that encompasses NFT collections on Solana.

This dashboard was designed to offer simplicity to NFT enthusiasts by providing all necessary market information to you in a clean and digestible way.

On any NFT collection, you can view the market information such as name, floor price, number of listed NFTs, and the total volume traded for that collection.

You can also apply toggle filters to categorize what auctions are available.

To assist you in navigating the collections, you will find useful information such as the collection's social media accounts, website, and community channels.

The Metaverse Markets dashboard enables you to explore individual NFT's token attributes and how they vary from each other NFT from the collection. You can search the history of recent transactions regarding the NFT and navigate to available markets. available to purchase the given NFT.

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