Strategy Monetization

Explore monetization options for verified trading bot listings and earn income by offering your protected intellectual property on our marketplace.

Freedom To Monetize

Our company collaborates with strategy owners to determine an appropriate pricing model based on offerings and performance metrics.

The strategies can also be designated as either "invite-only" or "affiliate link-only". Subscriptions to these strategies are billed monthly to users.

Payment terms are established as "Net-30" unless otherwise specified and paid in CMFI or alternative payment methods.

Available Monetization Methods

Payment Type: Debit/Credit Card or PayPal account through PayPal Connection at checkout.

Payment Cut: 80% of monthly subscription payment revenue

Payment Terms: All payments received through this method are made under "Net-30" terms and conditions.

Payout Type: The bot author can choose to be paid via PayPal or USDC (Solana) under the payment terms above.

Our current payment system is non-recurring, users buy an allotment of time at once and can choose to renew and add more credits at any time. We feel this way is more transparent and helps to cut down on monthly charges and unused products. Strategy authors can provide discounts to prompt users to buy multiple-month credit allotments in one purchase.

Referral System

Utilize our referral system to augment your revenue streams as a strategy author. By referring users, you are entitled to an additional 5-10% of monthly subscription revenue from all purchases made by the referred user, including subscriptions and feature purchases. Additionally, you can still collect referral revenue even if the referred user subscribes to a verified trading bot created by another author. Our referral system operates on a lifetime basis, enabling you to continuously collect referral revenue as long as the referred user remains active on our platform.

The referral system is only applicable to purchases made with PayPal or USDC and does not currently carry over to the 100% CMFI payouts.

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