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Orca Liquidity Pools

Documentation for adding liquidity to CMFI liquidity pools on
On Solana, you can provide CompendiumFi liquidity on Orca. This enables you to receive a dynamic APY% incentive for supplying liquidity.
There is a risk of Impermanent Loss (IL) while supplying liquidity for decentralized pools. Please ensure you are familiar with this practice before providing liquidity on any decentralized protocol.

Adding Liquidity To Orca Pools

To supply liquidity on Orca, simply head to
Connect a Solana-supported wallet by clicking the top right tab “Connect Wallet.” Find CMFI liquidity pool by filtering your search by writing CMFI in the text box.
To deposit funds simply click “Deposit” and determine the amount of CMFI you wish to deposit into the liquidity pool.
After you click deposit, you will be required to approve the transaction via your wallet extension.

Removing Liquidity From Orca

To remove your deposit from a liquidity pool, you need to click “Withdraw” on the Orca dashboard. This will open a new display that enables you to withdraw any percentage amount of your deposit.