NPM module that allows simplified connections and commands for data collection and trading on a growing list of cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms.

Understanding Common Functions

It is important to understand how functions are dictated within the PENDAX SDK.

Our team has done an excellent job in aggregating what we will refer to as "common functions" for a plethora of integrated platforms. Common functions are widely used calls available on different platforms and will work by just changing the "exchange" parameter and making edits to API credential layouts (depending on the selected exchange).

Examples of common functions include calls like placing trade orders or getting account balances. By normalizing these commands developers can work in a more efficient manner while customizing integrations or code bases for multiple or different supported platforms.

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Exchange Specific Functions

While there are a large variety of commonly normalized functions, there also may be a number of exchange-specific calls available for your selected platform. Many exchanges may include API features native to their interface and not found on other platforms so designating a common function is difficult in this manner.

We recommend browsing both the Common Functions and exchange-specific documentation pages while creating any instrument with PENDAX to ensure your code is designed to interact with the SDK in the correct manner.

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