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Looking to monetize your automated trading bot or strategy? Compendium offers a wide variety of support to help make the most of your intellectual property.

How To Get Your Strategy Verified

Verified trading bots are different than our signal provider groups and other products. They also provide monetization opportunities for successful algorithmic authors. All authors and strategies are vetted through a time-controlled verification process. This process usually lasts 30-60 days on a Compendium-controlled subaccount to ensure that test results are not corrupted and that the strategy functions as planned in a live testing environment.

Please fill out the form below if you are an algorithmic strategy author looking to monetize your creations.

We will process your application and reach out shortly if we feel it is a great fit for our ecosystem! We greatly recommend joining our Discord server in the meantime so that communication processes are seamless.

Why You Should List With Us

Intellectual Property Protection

The author remains in complete control of all intellectual property and sends signals to a designated webhook, which in turn issues trade posts for all subscribers.

There are also no restrictions to listing your strategy on other marketplaces, as the strategy is your property. We believe in free markets and realize that different platforms may offer variably different services. Extending strategies to other marketplaces can help an author increase their visibility.

Our designated author panel gives strategy owners complete control over their listings. Our focus is on the simplicity and automation of these practices in order to make things seamless, unlike our major competitors.

Platform Performance Like No Other

Our automated systems are designed on the PENDAX SDK and provide the ability to meet any trading integration needs an author may need to effectively automate their strategies or indicators for the community. Support for high-frequency trading strategies is included natively for both spot and leveraged futures markets.

Freedom To Monetize

We work with strategy owners to correctly price their strategies based on offerings and performance. Strategies can also be marked as "invite" or "affiliate link" only. Users pay for your strategy on a monthly basis. All payments are made under "Net-30" terms and conditions. The monetization options for verified trading strategies include the following:

  • Receive 80% of monthly subscription revenue paid out in USDC-SPL to a Solana-compatible address when a user pays with PayPal or USDC.

  • Receive 100% of monthly subscription revenue paid out in CMFI-SPL to a Solana-compatible address when a user pays with CMFI.

  • Mark strategy as "Invite Only" and manage subscriptions off the platform or through unique terms. The author must manage their subscriptions manually in this aspect. "Invite Only" strategies can also be utilized for requiring a subscriber to register under the attached referral link if an author wishes to monetize volume for a strategy instead of monthly subscriptions. Referral-based volume monetization is always marked on the terms of that specific exchange and may differ dependent on exchange referral systems.

Please Read More On Monetization Options & Terms in the Strategy Monetization section.

pageStrategy Monetization

Refer users for extra income! Strategy authors can also utilize our referral system to capture an additional 5-10% of monthly subscription revenue for all subscription and feature purchases a user may make. Our referral system is lifetime-based which means you continue to collect referral revenue for as long as that user utilized our platform! The referral system is only applicable to purchases made with PayPal or USDC and does not currently carry over to the 100% CMFI payouts.

Joint Marketing Opportunities

We also focus on joint marketing opportunities in order to increase the visibility of all listed strategies.

  • Social Media Marketing and Social Proof / Rapport Campaigns.

  • Interviews and AMA's on the web application, Twitter, & Youtube Channels

  • Inclusion in cross-marketing efforts with partnered platforms and exchanges.

  • Designated Discord roles for further visibility within the Compendium chat channels.

  • Press Releases and partnered guest educational posts are available.

  • Public page for each strategy to increase SEO capabilities and organic traffic.

  • Author profile pages to show all social channels and on-platform posts/strategies.

Direct Communication And Support

Communication and relationships are important to us! We provide constant updates as our platform is updated with subscriber and author feedback to ensure the best user experience possible.

Verified strategy authors also have direct lines to our team and their subscribers at all times. Designated Discord roles also provide access to private channels for both team and joint-author communications.

Current Author Testimonial

I personally use several different tools offered by the CEX suite for algo-trading. I usually set up new strategies as signal groups for forward testing, and once enough data is gathered, I can share that group with a selected few with ease - no hassle with handling complicated invite systems, or the need to send my signals to different webhooks managed by others. Once I'm happy with how the algo is performing, it's a smooth process to transition to an actual bot and offer the strategy in the marketplace.

The team has been very reactive and helpful from the beginning, always took feedback into account, fixed issues in very short periods, and been around to support and implement specific requirements I had through the past 1+ year I've worked with them. I think Compendium will easily dominate the automated trading industry with its flexibility and offering of a wide range of products.

From A Verified Bot Author Featured On Compendium - Overhead Gains

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