💻Bitget Functions

Documentation for interacting with Bitget functions and API endpoints through the PENDAX Javascript SDK.

Create an Exchange Object

Before you can interact with PENDAX functions, you must first create an Exchange object. This exchange object will allow you to interact with PENDAX. You can create one or multiple, and reference them together or individually throughout your code.

Example Exchange Object Creation:

import { createExchange } from "./exchanges/exchange.js";

let bitget_exchange = createExchange({
  exchange: "bitget",
  key: "key",
  secret: "secret",
  passphrase: "passphrase",
  authenticate: true,
  label: "bitget",

Unauthenticated Exchange Objects

If you are just calling public API endpoints on the exchange and you don't need any authentication to protected endpoints, simply create your exchange object with authenticate set to false and omit the key, secret, passphrase.

Authenticated Exchange objects can call private and public endpoints, however, unauthenticated exchange objects may only call public endpoints.

Example Unauthenticated Exchange Object:

import { createExchange } from "./exchanges/exchange.js";

let myOkxAccount = createExchange({
  exchange: "bitget",
  authenticate: false,
  label: "bitget",

These documents are under development and will be updated shortly with all finalized functions

All Available Bitget Functions

Documentation for each category of functions is broken down into its own subpage in order to make navigating pages simpler and faster. Please use the side navigation to access these sub-pages or click on one of the links below.

Bitget SPOT & FUTURES markets functions are split into two different sections of the documentation. Please ensure you are trying to interact with the right section when implementing functions.

Bitget SPOT Market Functions

Documented PENDAX functions applicable to Bitget spot markets.

pagePublic (Spot)pageMarket (Spot)pageWallet (Spot)pageAccount (Spot)pageTrade (Spot)

Bitget FUTURES Market Functions

Documented PENDAX functions applicable to Bitget futures markets.

pageAccount (Futures)pageTrade (Futures)pageMarket (Futures)

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