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This documentation provides an introduction to automated trading through our Signal Provider systems.

The Signal Provider Groups service has been relaunched on our brand-new PENDAX infrastructure. Please report any bugs in our official Discord server.

Signal Provider Groups allow traders, fund managers, algorithmic-strategy authors, and more to all create their own signal-based automated trading strategy on Compendium. This system is different than verified bots and can be implemented by anyone. This system uses JSON-BASED command mechanisms fed to specific webhook endpoints to initiate trade posts for group followers at set risk threshold parameters.

Summary of Signal Provider Features

Manage Trading Groups Of All Sizes

Compendium's Signal Provider service is engineered to deliver an unparalleled experience for both individual traders and large trading groups. Our state-of-the-art PENDAX engine ensures optimal performance, automating complex trade executions with auto-load balancing and record-breaking trade post times. The built-in group management tools and group dashboards make editing and administration a hassle-free process, providing users with a competitive edge. As a bonus, all Compendium users can enjoy these premium features completely free of charge.

Trade From Any Signal Or Alert

With Compendium, group leaders have the flexibility to automate trades for their groups using any preferred signal or alert. Integrating popular platforms such as TradingView is a breeze, with comprehensive instructions outlined in our technical documentation. Additionally, custom scripts can be coded in a variety of programming languages to utilize our webhooks or REST API capabilities, providing users with a highly customized and efficient solution.

Support For Multiple Exchanges

Compendium's cutting-edge platform offers seamless integration with a wide range of highly liquid cryptocurrency exchanges, easily accessible on our integrations pages. Subscribers to each group can leverage any supported exchange, allowing for the automated execution of signal commands as long as the exchange provides support for the target market. This capability provides unparalleled convenience and flexibility for traders, delivering a truly world-class trading experience.

Automate Any Supported Market

Support for a growing list of exchanges also extends to support for their expanding list of available tradable markets. Users can automate trades for spot markets, futures markets, perpetual markets, or even representative tokenized stock markets.

Public And Private Groups

Compendium's Signal Provider groups provide a rich suite of customizable features for both group leaders and subscribers. One of the key benefits is the ability for group leaders to determine how their group can be leveraged by the larger community. By setting the group to public, group leaders enable any user to subscribe to automated trades via signals. On the other hand, private groups offer a more secure option, with recent signal history hidden from public view and membership controlled by the group leader. Our member management portal, coupled with the ability to monetize strategies without traditional limitations, provides group leaders with unparalleled control and flexibility.

Many authors will start their automated trading signals as a Signal Provider Group before submitting their application for Verified Trading Bot listings.

CMFI Monetization For Private Groups

Monetizing your private Signal Provider group with Compendium's CMFI token adds a new level of flexibility and earning potential. The CMFI token allows group leaders to monetize their strategy and earn rewards for delivering trade notifications to their subscribers. Utilizing CMFI tokens as a form of payment for access to private signals and strategies adds a new revenue stream for group leaders, while also providing subscribers with access to high-quality trading insights. The integration of the CMFI token provides a seamless and secure payment experience, offering a unique opportunity for both group leaders and subscribers to enhance their trading strategies and help to possibly maximize returns.

No Registration Or Usage Cost

Compendium's Signal Provider Groups feature offers cutting-edge automated trading signal technology, accessible to all users at no cost. Our mission is to democratize access to advanced trading solutions, by eliminating barriers to entry and empowering traders of all levels to explore the exciting world of automated and social trading. Our free-of-charge offering is designed to provide traders with an unmatched level of accessibility and versatility, enabling them to take their trading strategies to the next level.

*While all access to tools and Compendium features is free, users may have to pay a subscription cost in order to access private Signal Provider Groups. All payments are forwarded directly to the leader of that group to help incentivize further development of their trading signals. Group leaders are free to set their own prices.

How Does It Work?

  1. Generate Trading Signals: The signals that drive your trading strategy can be generated through a variety of sources, including TradingView or custom integrations. These signals can be triggered by alerts or indicators set within your strategy.

  2. Streamlined Signal Delivery: The signals generated by your trading strategy are seamlessly transmitted to Compendium's system through designated endpoints, optimized for signal processing and delivery.

  3. Facilitate Exchange Execution: Our sophisticated system parses and formats the incoming signals, converting them into trade commands that are executed by the centralized exchange linked to each subscriber's account. Whether you're a part of a public signal group or utilizing a private strategy, Compendium streamlines the trade execution process, delivering efficient and accurate results.

Our main goal with this system was to promote ease of access for everyone. It has also been set up with beginners in mind so as to not overcomplicate the process and still provide enough customization and scalability to work at larger scales. It is important for us to note that this service is completely free of charge for both strategy authors and subscribers.

Getting Started

Documentation for our Signal Provider Groups is organized into a few key sections depending on your specific need or role within the ecosystem.

  1. Developers & Group Leaders: Instructions on creating a group, managing your subscribers, and formatting your webhook signals to post trades.

  2. Users & Group Subscribers: Instructions for users wishing to subscribe to Signal Provider Groups and utilize these tools to help automate their trading portfolios.

The following documentation pages can be extremely helpful while creating and managing your own Signal Provider Groups on Compendium.

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