Subscribing To Bots

Instructions on how to subscribe to a Verified Trading Bot on Compendium and receive trading notifications to a connected exchange account.

Subscribing To A Verified Bot

Verified bot details are available on the marketplace page and user dashboard. If a strategy fits your overall trading goals you can choose to subscribe to this strategy. Some bots are free while others require payments.

Our payment system is non-recurring, users buy an allotment of time at once and can choose to renew and add more credits at any time. We feel this way is more transparent and helps to cut down on monthly charges and unused products. Free strategies are available in increments of 3-month subscriptions and can be added onto at any time.

Subscribing To A Free Strategy

Subscribing to a strategy without a monthly cost is simple.

  • Go to that trading bot's details page and click the "Activate Free Strategy" button.

  • Upon confirming the activation on the following popup your trading bot subscription will then be available on the Subscriptions tab to connect an exchange account and manage.

Subscribing To A Monetized Strategy

We have made the payment workflow for subscribing to monetized trading bots simple. Upon visiting a trading bot's details page click the "Add Subscription For X/Mo" button. This will forward you to the new version of our checkout page.

After being redirected to this page, please ensure the URL is correct and verify that it starts with:[Followed by the trading bot's unique identifier]

  • You will be prompted to select the total amount of time credits you wish to add for the selected monetized trading bot.

  • After selecting the credentials you will see your "Total Order Amount" and the "New End Date". The end date determines when you should add more credits to your subscription by visiting this page again.

Payments can be made via our integration with PayPal or by utilizing our native CMFI token through "SolanaPay". The Solana options are currently only available by connecting your PHANTOM wallet.

Did you know? Paying for a trading bot subscription with CMFI may provide further discounts and ensure that the author of the trading strategy receives 100% of the proceeds!

Our team plans to include more payment methods shortly such as other highly liquid tokens and even the inclusion of Ethereum-native tokens with MetaMask support on the checkout page.

Subscription Ending Details

You will receive an email if your subscription is close to expiring or has expired reminding you to add time in order to keep receiving trades. You can view your subscription ending date on the subscription management panel for that specific trading bot under the connect account options.

Our system WILL NOT close orders if a subscription ends and your account currently has open trades open. Please ensure you check connected exchange accounts!

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