☀️Solana Integrations

Manage your portfolio with a full suite of non-custodial trading tools and features built directly for the Solana blockchain.

Verifying The Official Domain URL

Please confirm the URL you are visiting before interacting with any interface or connecting a wallet

Always make sure you are visiting a verified URL when interacting with any web3 interface or dApp. Connecting your wallet to a phishing or scam site could result in the loss of funds.

Supported Wallet Interfaces

Please visit the Supported Solana Wallets page to find details and information on each wallet that Compendex currently supports.

pageSupported Solana Wallets

What Can I Do On Compendex?

Our comprehensive suite of tools for the Solana ecosystem empowers traders to make more knowledgeable decisions in a simple and efficient manner.

Market & News Overview

View a comprehensive bird's eye view of the Solana & cryptocurrency ecosystem with aggregated analytics and market news.

pageOverview And News

Trade Spot Markets

Users can quickly post on-chain limit orders to trade through order books powered by Openbook. This experience will be familiar to users who have previously traded on traditional centralized exchange interfaces.

pageOpenbook Spot Markets

Instantly Swap Tokens

Our Smart Swap Aggregator for the Solana network is built on top of the Jupiter SDK to ensure our users receive the broadest range of token route availability between all swaps.

pageSmart Swap Aggregator

NFT Market Aggregator

The NFT Market Aggregator page is currently under construction and will be released shortly.

DeFi Analytics Portal

Get deep insights into your favorite protocols with our analytics panel. Our panel shows key statistics such as TVL rankings, yield statistics, and top Openbook markets. We use reliable sources such as DeFiLlama, CoinGecko, and Solscan to ensure accuracy.

pageSolana DeFi Analytics Portal

Aggregated Community Tools

Explore the top Solana protocols for Liquid Staking, Lending, Liquidity Pools, and more with our community tools page. We provide an aggregated list of the best protocols, data explorers, DAO tooling, and infrastructure. Find the tools you need to optimize your investment strategy with our easy-to-use community tools page.

pageCommunity Tools List

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